Corn: Grain & Silage*

2015 Corn Plot Results [PDF] Corn Grazing Sheet
Corn Grazing Sheet [PDF] NEW!
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Maizex Seeds

DeDell Seeds

Mahony R2 Soybean

Barron R2X Soybean

*Friendly Acres Seed Farm has RoundUp Ready, Liberty Link, as well as conventional grain and silage corn varieties.

Imperial Seed

  • Alfalfa
    • Tap rooted
    • Multifoliate
    • Creeping rooted
  • Grasses
    • Brome, Wheatgrasses, Wild, and others
  • Sainfoin
  • Cicer Milk Vetch,
  • Clovers,
  • Millets,
  • Ryegrasses
  • Free Custom Blending

Intercropping RR corn and soybeans for grazing

Gallagher Fencing

Innovators in electric fencing systems since 1938. We have access to energizers, posts, wire, reels, insulators, watering bowls, scale and recording systems, and the rest of your fencing needs.

Food Plot Blends

Friendly Acres has put together food plot blends for attracting deer, elk, and moose. Using locally adapted species that stay green into the fall, providing a high feed value food source for all year grazing. Contact us for more information.

Cover Crops Canada

Japanese Millet
Non GMO Corn
Egyptian Clover (Berseem Clover)
Subterranean Clover
Non GMO Sugar Beet

Crimson Clover
Hairy Vetch
Sugar Beet
Fodder Beet
Forage Collards

Wapaw Bay Resources

Wapaw Bay Resources is a Saskatchewan company that is mining, processing, and toting liquid humates. Their product is 6% humic acid, plus the fulvic acid. Highly soluble. Plant and microbe available. Helps build microbe populations, creates better soil structure, makes fertilizer more efficient, and plant health. Sold in 1000 litre totes.


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We now grow seed soybeans, spring and winter triticale, perennial ryegrass, and sainfoin, have short term alfalfa in rotation, and grow cover crops and grazing corn.