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Corn: Grain & Silage*

2015 Corn Plot Results [PDF]
Corn Grazing Sheet
Corn Grazing Sheet [PDF] NEW!
2013 Corn Results [PDF]
2013 Corn Breakdown Results [PDF]
2012 Corn Plot Results [PDF]
2011 Corn Trial Quality [PDF]
2011 Corn Trial Yields [PDF]
2010 Corn Trial Feed Test [PDF]
2010 Corn Trial [PDF]
2009 Corn Trial [PDF]
  • CanaMaize
  • Dow Seeds
*Friendly Acres Seed Farm has RoundUp Ready, Liberty Link, as well as conventional grain and silage corn varieties.

Imperial Seed

  • Alfalfa
    • Tap rooted
    • Multifoliate
    • Creeping rooted
  • Grasses
    • Brome, Wheatgrasses, Wild Rye Grass, and others
  • German Millet
    • Siberian, Crown, and Japanese
  • Sainfoin, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover
  • Annual Ryegrass, Hay and Pasture Mixes
  • Egyptian Clover (Burseem Clover)
  • Purple Top Turnips
  • Grazing Kale
  • Forage Brassica

Cover Crops Canada


  • Conventional Canolas
    • Sunbeam, ACS-C7


2010 FAS Soybean Trial [PDF]

Seed Boxes: These boxes are very similar dimensions to a minibulk bag. You would need to have a forklift or forks on a front end loader. They are 200 pounds empty. If they blow over, better tie down your hat! No stake holes per se, but there is room in the fork holes. There is a 6 inch base it sits on. The opening is in the middle of the box. The top half of the box slides up, flips and then slides over the bottom to reduce the size for storage (by half). Contact us for more information on dimensions and capacity of these seed boxes.

Replicated maturity plots: 900Y61 on left, TH 33003R2Y middle, Libau on right.

Intercropping RR corn and soybeans for grazing

Dyck Forages and Grasses
Featuring: all forages and blends
Food Plot Blends
Friendly Acres has put together food plot blends for attracting deer, elk, and moose. Using locally adapted species that stay green into the fall, providing a high feed value food source for all year grazing. Contact us for more information.
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